The Consultation:

During a consultation you will be asked about your current health problem(s). Medication and supplements you are taking will be noted and a brief summary of your medical history requested.

A series of questions will then be asked to determine your current state of health & a diagnosis will be made using the system of Classical Chinese Medicine.

Foods you eat on a regular basis will be discussed and perhaps more suitable alternatives recommended. These will tend toward seasonal and locally sourced foods, avoiding the elimination of any of the main food groups.

Your tongue will be examined and your pulse felt on both wrists.

When the diagnosis has been made you will receive an herbal prescription, nutritional advice and Medical Qigong exercises to help restore health.


The Herbs:

Chinese herbs are used as they are ideal for acute and even more so, chronic conditions. Chinese herbal medicine was very much focused on preserving and maintaining youth, not for beauty but health. The Chinese wanted to keep their Emperor alive and fit for as long as possible. This focus developed the ‘tonics’ of Chinese medicine, the herbs with the ability to strengthen specific systems within the body helping the body to fill deficiencies it has developed. Notably due to poor diet and the stresses & strains of life today, many people have become deficient or weak in many forms. This makes the Chinese herbs ideal for use in clinics today. I also like to suggest which local plants can be used by the patient to control their condition and incorporate into their diet for health benefits.

The herbs are prescribed in granule form. This spares one the hassle of having to prepare the herbs as tea and is more convenient to those with busy lives. The herbal prescriptions will be written and posted to you directly after your consultation.


Classical Chinese Medicine encourages you to eat locally and seasonally. This helps the body to process and assimilate the foods it receives more efficiently. Obtaining the most goodness from the foods you eat helps maintain a strong, healthy system and a good fluid metabolism. A poor fluid metabolism within the body can lead to a host of many problems.

The practitioner will look at symptoms, general constitution and activity levels, making individual food recommendations according to your diagnosis.


Qigong (Chee-goong):

Qigong is an ancient exercise system of Classical Chinese Medicine which is used to strengthen the structure of the body. This has a positive effect on posture, balance, muscle tone and the small muscles and ligaments which support the bones. This helps joints and vertebrae remain flexible and painless, relieving joint and back problems. Qigong is also beneficial in stimulating and strengthening internal systems, helping those suffering from chronic digestive problems, breathing difficulties and circulatory problems.

The exercises can be adapted to suit everyone.


Southdowns chiropractic is an all-encompassing clinic with a collection of complimentary therapists who are able to work together covering all aspects of the patient, mental, emotional & physical. As a Medical Herbalist working alongside Jemma Langford DC we can offer complimentary health treatments to suit you as an individual.


The clinic is situated in the historic town of Petworth, well known for its antique shops and Petworth House. The town’s main car park is conveniently situated adjacent to the clinic.

Southdowns Chiropractic, The Old Bakery, Golden Square, Petworth, West Sussex GU28 0AP
For appointments please call on 01798 345145


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