Digestion Day, Seasonal Eating: Spring – 24th April
Come & join in with a day of looking at the digestive system from a Chinese Medical perspective. Understand why it is important to eat seasonally & what effect this has on your health. Learn how to incorporate local, herbs into a ‘spring cleanse’ & which foods are right for you as an individual. Looking at how to deal with digestive problems & food intolerances throughout the year. £45

Tongue diagnosis – 12th June
Reading a tongue can tell so much. Looking at the size, shape, colour, coat & cracks in your tongue can direct you towards a more suitable diet, encouraging better health. As a tool for yourself or incorporated into your practice, knowing a tongue can tell you about a person’s
current state of health, fluid metabolism, digestive strength, levels of inflammation & internal deficiencies which may need to be corrected. £45

Herbal Preparations at home – 10th July
How to apply local herbs safely at home for a variety of health problems. Demonstrating & making medicinal strength teas, decoctions, syrups, oils, salves, poultices & soaps.  £55

Class at Butser Ancient Farm, Medicinal Herbs Through Time – August 20th
Starting with an herb walk around the grounds of Butser Ancient Farm, we will then retire to the round house to discuss the use of herbs through the ages until today. With practical demonstrations on how to make a variety of herbal preparations to treat health problems at home. £60                                                         Tel: 02392 598838

Face Reading – 18th September
The face reflects our ability to deal with challenges in life, it can also show what we have already dealt with. The ancient art of Chinese facial diagnosis gives a clear picture of your health & constitutional strengths & weaknesses, physically, mentally & emotionally. Using the principles of Chinese Medicine you will learn how to make adjustments to
promote health & general wellbeing. £45

Digestion Day, Seasonal Eating: Winter – October 8th
A day on how to maintain a healthy digestive system with foods & herbs. Understanding why it is important to adjust our diet with the changing seasons. Avoiding low immunity & feelings of coldness in winter. Looking at how to deal with digestive problems & food intolerances throughout the year. £45

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