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About Medical Qigong

Qigong, pronounced ‘Chee-goong’, is an ancient exercise system of Classical Chinese Medicine used to strengthen the structure of the body. The exercises taught were developed around 520AD by Boddhi Darma, the 18 exercises of the Shaolin monks.
Qigong has a positive effect on posture, balance & muscle tone, strengthening the small muscles & ligaments which support the bones. When the muscles & ligaments are healthy & strong, joints & vertebrae remain flexible & pain free.
Qigong works specifically on strengthening the legs, the lower back & the Core which improves flexibility in the upper body.
Qigong is about creating a balance between tension & flexibility. This makes it ideal for hypermobility syndrome & also for
stiffness or a lack of free movement. It is very beneficial to a
variety of musculoskeletal problems.
Qigong exercises are slow moving yet challenging. This combined with deep, diaphragmatic breathing improves your general
metabolism as well as strengthening & stimulating your body’s internal systems. Digestive, circulatory, respiratory & reproductive disorders can be greatly alleviated. The exercises can be adapted to suit every individuals’ needs, whether rehabilitating after illness or injury or purely to maintain good physical & mental health.

About Laura Uphill Dip.Ch, MURHP, GQA

Laura has been a Medical Herbalist & Practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine for 15 years. She is still actively
involved with the Thammavong School of Chinese medicine, Kung Fu & Qigong in Germany where she taught & ran clinics for 11 years as well as the German Qigong Association.

Based now at Southdowns Chiropractic clinic in Petworth, Laura works with a variety of health issues whilst specialising in fertility.

Laura has lived with the discomforts of hypermobility causing chronic neck & back problems & has found lasting relief through Qigong.

Each exercise can be adapted to suit you as an individual according to your needs. This way you can build up muscle at your own speed whilst still being part of a group.

Contact Laura on: laurauphill@t-online.de or 07891 570976

or via the clinic at Southdowns Chiropractic on: 01798 345145

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