I have travelled most of my life, finding myself settled, for now, in West Sussex.

I started my journey as a Herbalist at 18 years old in Ireland, taking an interest in local plant identification & medicinal herbs. This developed into qualifying as a Medical Herbalist in 2000 through the East West College of Herbal Medicine, in Kent.

I spent 11 years living in Germany & working in the Thammavong School, Neustrelitz. We had a small holding, growing & ‘raising’ good food whilst running the busy school for Kungfu, Qigong & Classical Chinese medicine. The school has one of the best reputations in Germany for providing education in Classical Chinese Medicine. Whilst there, I worked in several clinics in the area, led herb walks & taught Classical Chinese Medicine classes on nutrition & herbs.

Now the mother of two children & back in the UK, I run my practice from Southdowns Chiropractic Clinic, Petworth in West Sussex. I continue to teach classes & lead walks every year & teach Medical Qigong three times a week in the local area.

I am someone who likes to give a logical explanation to my patients, explaining where & why changes in diet & lifestyle need to be made. I recommend a local/seasonal way of eating which will suit your individual constitution. As a therapist, I will give my honest opinion about your health issues & develop a plan, outlining how we will work to manage & correct current problems. In the practice, my main aim is to teach my patients how to gain control of their health themselves. Firstly through diet, then lifestyle changes, exercises & Chinese medicinal herbs if they are needed.

1999 Assisted the Thammavong School, Germany at the ‘World Congress of Chinese Medicine and Qigong‘, San Francisco

2000 Qualified as a Medical Herbalist, East West College of Herbal Medicine. Course Founder, Michael Tierra, C.A., N.D.

2002 Qualified in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Disease for Alternative Practitioners

2000-2009 Herbalist and Director of the Department of Herbal Studies at the Thammavong School in Germany

2000 Studies in Shaolin, Wushu Guan School and Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China

2002 Clinical studies, Xi Yuan Hospital for Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China

2003 Qualification in Facial Diagnosis at the Thammavong School

2004 Qualification in Medical Qigong at the Thammavong School

2004 Clinical studies, Zhengzou Hospital for Traditional Chinese Medicine,Henan, China

Since 2010 Based in UK as a Medical Herbalist and Teacher of Classical Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine & Qigong. Supervisor of the Department of Herbal Studies, Thammavong School, Germany.

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