Ground Ivy (Glechoma hederacea)
a.k.a. Alehoof

A very pungent smelling & tasting herb. With leaves a similar shape to a horses hoof, it was once used in beer making before the use of Hops.

This is a good herb for congestion in the nose & phlegmy lungs. Good to add to a syrup for kids with coughs & colds. It would combine well with the Ribwort plantain.

This combined with Ribwort Plantain or Broad Leaf Plantain would be a good tea to drink for digestive troubles such as bloating, lots of wind, fullness having eaten very little, nausea & loose stools.

This is an acquired taste but far from ‘horrible’. I tend to add Barley Malt Syrup to sweeten syrups. A good honey is also good but add it to herbal teas once the liquid has cooled to almost room temperature. This is recommended as I have seen many cases where good, cold spun honey, added to hot water has activated many pollens in the honey & the people have had allergic reactions. These people where notably weak but kids are a lot more sensitive.

This plant creeps along the ground in shady areas but can grow up quite talk if need be. Once tasted, never forgotten. There are many recipes for this plant online, I just tend to stick to using it for coughs & snotty noses!

ground ivy 2ground ivy

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